Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Morning

• Get up
• Whine
• Go back to bed
• Get back up. Shiver.
• Whine
• Brush teeth. Look for running clothes
• Be filled with love that the Boss has washed my running clothes
• Stub toe. Curse.
• Look for socks. Find one. Victory!
• Remember that you need two socks. Damnit!
• Find second sock. Sock #2 is different thickness than sock #1. Debate how much this will bother me while running.
• Decide "A lot", look for different sock.
• Fail at finding new sock, suck up the different thickness socks.
• Reach for caffeinated Gu.
• Discover lack of caffeinated Gu. Curse.
• Look for gloves. Find gloves. Rejoice!
• Look for Ipod. Remember have not charged iPod in 4 days. Curse.
• Attempt to tie shoes while wearing gloves. Fail. remove gloves, tie shoes. Leave house
• Step outside. Note that it is raining. And cold. Curse.
• Go to start watch. Notice that you forgot watch. Curse
• Begin to notice how pretty everything is all covered in fog
• …until the second running step when it becomes clear that water on the streets is turning into big sheets of ice.
• Run slow so as to not slip. (yeah. That's it. That's *exactly* why I run slow)
• Notice that ass has frozen and seems to be bouncing independently from my body.
• Bitch about ice on ground.
• Suspend bitching once sun rises and I notice how pretty the National Mall looks.
• Resume bitching when submerge foot in big puddle.
• Dream about the wonderful DC Spring weather, and the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, conveniently forgetting that I am allergic to the cherry blossoms and will in no way be able to run while they are in bloom.
• Be annoyed that socks are different thickness and one shoe is looser than the other.
• Round the end of the Mall over by Lincoln. Look up at Abe, look at slick steps covered in ice and puddles leading up to Abe, and give him a wave, promising to visit him later.
• Get cold. Start to run faster to warm up and get home.
• Send The Boss mental thoughts consisting of "Make breakfast and coffee...make breakfast and coffee...'
• Stop running fast. Pant.
• Get home.
• Give The Boss a big sweaty kiss despite the fact that he did not get the mental message of "coffee and breakfast"
• Hop in warm shower and think to self “I love running”
• Smile when I realize: I actually meant it. I DO love running.


Jessica said...

AH, Chippy at her best. :) I love your wit.

cicadalady said...

I can never find matching socks either :)
Are you training for something again?

Liz said...

Kita: I'm training against general fat assery :)

(That, and I'm told I get grumpy when I don't work out!)

After a couple months off, it's time to restart Operation: Smokin' Hot Bod.

It's going slowly :)

Louie said...

awesome post lizzie. I think about the sock thickness too

cicadalady said...

that's always a good thing to train for! but seriously, i wouldn't hold it against you if you took three years off after the ironman!

cicadalady said...

ps - shared your blog with friends who are runners because i think it captures the morning so well!

Liz said...

Kita: Thanks! Reading back on this post I am wishing that my first thing in the morning monolog was a little more eloquent, but... oh well!

There really is nothing better than those first thing in the morning stolen moments when you get to run. I feel like i"m getting one over on the world, getting my run in before everyone else is awake.